Days Like Today

Published on 23 July 2023 at 04:36


Days like today I would burn the world down to find my love. Most days I'm content with enjoying life at my pleasure. But then it rains and my feelings get awaken by the flood of memories. 


I find myself walking empty streets. I keep walking without a destination. I get into a train without looking were is going. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not looking for anyone. I am simply waiting. Every day I wait. I constantly change my location in the hopes to be found. 


I would truly burn down the whole planet if it meant finally feeling complete. I know I would be fine by living the rest of my life alone but I don't want to. I know he is out there, somewhere. Hopefully he will be looking for me. 


I hope I don't miss it when the time comes. I hope I am wild awake. I hope he makes me laugh. I hope he sees me and don't miss our chance. I hope he is a great kisser and lover. I hope he understands and supports me. 


I would burn the world to find him. The love I carry within is so bright that it could accomplish that if it meant finding him. 









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