Published on 23 July 2023 at 04:31


People spend their lives without experiencing happiness. This makes me sad. In my observations of others I have noticed that some people have the ability to be happy but instead focus on the negative and by that make themselves unhappy. 


The happiness of a lot of people is about having material things. I do not care about the accumulation of crap. I won't deny that a new computer, or phone or any gadget for that matter will put a smile on my face. I love technology but I can live without it. 


For some is their job that bring them happiness. Either because they love what they are doing or because they are good at it. Hopefully is because of both. I love working and I love changing jobs and experiencing new things and challenging myself with new things. I love it but I also can live with just one job. 


I have so many reasons to be unhappy right now. Most of the people I love have passed away. With the exception of two, everyone that I have trusted deeply is also gone. But for me it is people that make me happy. I love watching the people I care about prosper even if I'm no longer a part of their life. 


Every time I make my friends laugh it feels me with joy to know that for that moment all their worries melted away. I like to see the sight of relive when I give them some options to their problems. I like to see how they are having a good time when I drag them to try new things with me. 


For one single human I have experienced a lot, sometimes I think that probably too much. Because of this I value the good moments. Every day I chose to be happy because even with all the fucking terrible things I have experienced I can still love. I don't get stuck on unnecessary drama or resentments. 


Every day I chose happiness over any other feeling that might want to creep in.









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