Published on 20 July 2023 at 00:02



I have too many to be able to count them. They are everywhere. Everywhere I look all I see are boxes. Some are small while others are huge. They are all different shades of colors. Some are dark while others are bright. Some looked open while others don't seem to have an opening.


Some had tape, others had glue. Some had staples and some had bows. Some seemed to move, while others seemed to heavy to move. Some had a light coming from the inside, while others are darker than night. Some seemed to have a crack while others looked new. Some seemed familiar while others didn't. 


So many boxes I might drown. Everywhere I go is all I see. Some put reach and others too close. They looked like they might fall but never did. When I open one other just fall over me. I wonder if I could organize them to be able to retrieve them more easily. But my memories just prefer their messy boxes.
















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