Published on 22 June 2023 at 02:52



I hear a song and it brings the feeling of a lost memory. I smell food that brings me a feeling of peace but I don't remember ever tasting this flavor before. I see a face that looks like one long forgotten. I touch a material of a shirt that bring me comfort but I don't know why.

Patches. All I see are patches. The patches of moments that form a memory. Some are together and some are not. Some make sense and some doesnt. Some I can reach while others move further apart. I don't see the thread. Where is the thread that united them?

Are these important memories? How should I know if I can't recall. Would you be my memory holder? But then who will hold yours. I see patches, I see you also have patches. Should I look or better yet dig? Should I wait patiently? So many patches, so many me's. 







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