Change, My Companion

Published on 6 June 2023 at 18:13



It was after two and half years on this earth that you became a part of my life. You sneaked in like a shadow during the night. Always moving, always changing. I try to recall a time that you were not there but I think you became my mate the moment I was born. 


I stay up at night thinking of the next time we will meet. I should be used to the way you show up in my life like you never left. The way you turn everything upside down and laugh like it was a game. I don't feel like playing sometimes.


I won't deny that my companion has twisted and turned the rules of the game that have kept me alert. But sometimes I just want boring, simple, go left, go right. I stop and consider what my life would have been without you. What I see is worse it is better with change. 







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