Published on 14 May 2023 at 02:17


           Look she is laughing at me! Nop, I was laughing at something I remembered. She posted something on the internet to get my attention. Nop, it has zero to do with anyone unless you are literally in the picture. She prefers to work from home, she must be lazy. Nop, I just have more time to do more stuff. She is looking at my boobs and she likes them. Nop, I'm just wondering how your back isn't killing you. She is definitely checking out my butt. Nop, just thinking how annoying it must be to get the right pants. She is checking out my muscles and she wants me. Nop, just wondering if you're happy with your life. She is texting me, she has a crush. Nop, just making sure you are fine. She is ignoring me, she doesn't care. Nop, I'm just distracted or busy. She won't come to the party, she must be boring. Nop, just have other things I'd rather do. She had such a hard time finding a job, she must have no skills. Nop, I have three degrees and many skills, people simply discriminated against me based on nationality. Wow you have had such a sad life. Nop, idiot, I've had a great life with dark moments. She tells people the things that happen to her to gain sympathy. Nop, I do it to filter out the people that are shallow. She must be sad being by herself all the time. Nop, I enjoy being by myself and when I want to be with people I also have that. She is so cold with her honesty. Nop, you are dishonest with your lies. We don't see her with boyfriends or girlfriends she must be so lonely. Nop, I value my alone time and when I'm not alone it is not a parade. She doesn't know how to dance. Nop, I definitely know how to dance but your music doesn't move me. She has kids stuff on her place, she must be childish. Nop, I just need the reminders to have fun. So many assumptions, I have heard them all.