Looking for you

Published on 6 May 2023 at 03:43

I have been walking this path for so long that I'm beginning to think it has no end. It's starting to feel like I am going in circles. You have to be somewhere. I look for you, I don't look for you. Is all the same. Maybe it is my own fault that I can't seem to get off this path. My heart screams like a compass to follow this damn path. 

I keep looking for you as if I was looking for a star in the sea. I have seen you in my dreams and you follow me like a shadow. Why can't I find you? I see faces and they are all empty. I see lost eyes, probably as lost as mine. I look for you and I can't find you. I don't look for you and I can't find you. I look for you in empty vessels that once had love. I keep looking for a signal that I'm following the right path. Maybe you are a mirage, maybe you were never here. 

Maybe I can get off this path. I try but they all look the same. I look for you in empty hearts, I look for you in the shadows.

Sometimes I question if I am really looking, sometimes I question if you exist.

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