I see you

Published on 6 May 2023 at 03:41


When I looked into your eyes I saw you, when you smiled I saw the sadness behind them. When you looked at me it's like you were looking for something that was not really there but you hoped it was. I saw you looking at me looking for answers to questions that you don't know you have. I saw you when you look at other people wondering about their lives. You're curious to know if the people around them could see them as you wish others could see you.


I saw you wondering if they struggled with the same things you do. I saw you holding to your past like a treasure hoping for a better future. I saw your confidence wavering but your resolve steady. I saw you struggling to find that precious balance between necessity and passion. I saw you in a corner of your mind screaming at the universe to be understood. I saw you hiding from the world because it is too fast.


I saw you running towards your dreams with fear and also fearlessness. I saw you as transparent as the air with all this love to give but fearful of giving it to the wrong person. I saw you giving up love but not passion.  I saw you dreaming while awake of a day that you could be seen.                   


I see you, but do you see me?