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This short story is a side story of the main story. I never seem able to start things from the beginning. (Not edited yet)


Faith kept going back and forth in her garden. She got there an hour after the argument. She couldn't understand why he didn't see her point. She hated arguing. It seems that was all they did recently. If she didn't respect him so much she would have gone ahead with her plan without him also agreeing. It didn't matter if he did or not at the end it was her decision and she was the one who was going to have to live with the consequences.


She stopped pacing after she felt a shift in the air. She looked around at her precious flowers. Each kind represents those she had loved and lost so long ago. Faith had flowers from all the places she had visited on her travels. On the right side of the entrance she had a big patch of marguerites which reminded her of her mother and one the left side sunflowers which reminded her of her best friend. She also had trees that she had moved through the earth from lands that would have destroyed them otherwise. The butterflies and bees that she bought over also flourished and moved from one flower to the next. She could hear the singing of the birds and owls. The garden had benches along the paths, a swing and two small ponds.


Faith was glad that no one knew the full extent of her abilities. Sometimes she didn't know herself. She wished she came with a manual. She reached out with her senses and looked for that thread in the air that was out of place. Because of what this place was, she was able to connect with everything that lived here at once. Finding the one that didn't belong took her seconds. It was a woman that she did not know. They were far away and she needed physical contact to have a better idea of her intentions. She bent down and touched the earth and followed the path of the thread.

The instant she connected with the woman, her heart almost stopped. She could not feel anything, it was almost like she wasn't there. She couldn't feel any of her emotions. Faith felt a power that she had not felt before. It was like a beacon and she didn't notice when she had straightened up and started walking towards the woman. As Faith got closer to the woman she started to relax and feel a peace that she had not felt in years. She started smiling and now worked with purpose.


The woman sat on one of the benches closest to one of the lakes with the tree with a swing. A bird came and perched on her shoulder while another one landed straight on her left hand. Her piercing round eyes seemed to change colors every second. Her long light purple hair had different brades intertwined and created a crown with loose strands on hair. She was medium built in size and weight, with curves just on the right parts but nothing too prominent. She had a lavender dress that reminded Faith of the stories of Greek gods. That's when Faith realized who she was looking at.


Faith woke up in her bedroom and immediately sat up and looked around. She was home in " the between", but how had she gotten home? She looked down at herself and she was still wearing her red and white jumped. After a quick look at the wall clock she realized it was the next morning. Faith quickly examined her arms, legs and touched her head. Everything seemed and felt fine. But she couldn't remember who she had met the night before. She remembered feeling someone on her sanctuary and a sense of ease and then nothing.


She got out of her bed and headed to the bathroom to take a quick shower and change her clothes. She was in the middle of brushing her teeth when she started planning how she would go about her next task. The problem about this memory loss was that it was selective and a lot of it was about feelings left over after the encounter. She was debating at the moment if she should reveal herself completely or just do what needs to be done. These people she was about to meet were no stranger to her kind but she also knew what it would mean if she told them.


She thought it better to not tell them and just do what was needed. She finished her shower and dried herself so fast that she got distracted and almost fell, " great exactly what I need right now, and why am I doing this the hard way ". Her cat looked at her when she spoke and just looked at her in boredom. She thought about her favorite platform leather boots, black stockings, and a short red sleeveless dress. She also thought about dividing her hair with four small buns, two on the sides on the top and two on the sides on the back bottom. When she looked down her clothes started to dematerialize and everything she thought about replacing them at the same time.

She headed for the kitchen to have her daily green juice. In reality it was strawberry and bananas with nutmeg but she was practicing her transformations. She had half a cup and headed for the main door. She couldn't just appear into that type of dimension just by connecting with the earth, or by joining with the air. This one only worked by connecting doors. She went to her main door, which would secure her arriving at a main entrance somewhere that was important. If it was any main door should would have used the back door of her house. Even the fake ones that she could simulate by calling branches from the earth and intertwining them until they form a filled frame.

She stepped in front of the door and knocked on each corner twice. She then placed the palm of her hand in the middle and closed her eyes. She felt herself connect with the portal between dimensions. She felt for the one she was looking for by focusing on her friend Jack. It was easier for her to connect with something familiar. Faith then said softly, "I seek entrance to this domain, not for fortune or any personal gain, but because it is my right as it was bestowed to me by The Maker". She didn't really need to say that, the few people that were able to cross dimensions didn't truly understand what they risked by not doing so.


Faith felt the door tremble a bit which was a signal that she had been granted entrance. She put her hand on the door handle and heard a soft voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. "You should let them perish, they did not follow the rules and this is the punishment they get for it. Before you say anything, nor me or mine had anything to do with this. This is simply what your name represents". The door in front of her swang open before she could reply to who she assumed was the gate's guardian.


It's always the same thought when she is under similar circumstances, -water doesn't worry me, what worries me is what is inside it. She looked around the room she had appeared in. Portraits hung around in uneven ways, the paint was peeling off and the bottom of the walls were getting stained with mold. The furniture was mostly piled on a corner with the exception of a few chairs and a large table. Faith moved into the next room, it was huge with an arch in each corner with a tall metal door that went outside right on the middle. . The windows and door were all covered by a thick metal slab from both sides.


The air smelled like salt and algae. She had a flash of memory on a sunny beach day with friends many ages ago. Faith smiled unconsciously at that but was immediately interrupted by a strong feeling of despair. She tried to put it aside for a moment to locate where it was coming from. She looked around and people came running from every side and went down the left arch and she followed. Two people went up a spiral staircase and everyone else went through an opening on the floor. She didn't hesitate and went up the stairs.

When she came out to the balcony she was taken aback by the destruction everywhere. She didn't really have time to take it all in because she felt the wave of water and junk coming their way. No one had noticed her arrival and that makes this part easier. She was thinking abou the simplest way to do this. She touched the rail to have a better contact with the earth and tried to will the water to stop or change course.

Faith felt like someone slapped her with a piece of metal. It burned more than anything. She had to get her balance back after tumbling back. She grabbed the rail and could hear faint laughter, she ignored it and focused on what was ahead. She remembered the time her mother and her were riding the horse up the hill just before sunrise. She could barely see with all the most around them. Her mother was already elderly and had grabbed her waist and whispered to her to go faster. With a light kick on the horse, that's exactly what they did.


She always thought of her mother or closest friend in these types of situations. It always helped. With that in mind, Faith reached out again with her mind and imagined that ocean turning into that same mist she had seen so many sunrises ago. She could clearly picture the wetness it left on her skin, the way it brought out the smell of the grass and trees around them. And just like it was never there, the ocean turned into mist.

She didn't even consider the ramifications of her act just that people were going to die if she didn't act. At the moment she couldn't see anything around her. Not even her hand in front of her. With a sense of sudden panic she took a deep breath and merged with the mist. She moved with it all the way to the first floor and all the way to the door from which she once came.

After returning to her garden this time she knew she would have to return soon and actually do something permanent. What she did was to put a bandage on a wound that definitely needed stitches. But that would mean an end to something that was once beautiful and as easy as it was for her to let things go, she hated endings.







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