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Published on 21 July 2023 at 01:23


She woke up with her hands and feet tied up. She also had a smelly rag covering her eyes. Whoever took her, did so while she slept without any type of protection. When she decided to take her nap she never thought anyone would be around this deep in the forest. Whenever she did this she usually semi woke the tree and asked it to guise her if anyone came near the area. If they knew who she was they would know that the bonds would not work on her. She didn't want them knowing that she had reached consciousness. Without moving and just using her senses she stretched out to find out who was around her. It was two men and their intent was so strong that it was not an effort to find out what they wanted with her. At least it was not sex.   


After solving that question she focused her senses to find out where she was. Guess she didn't have to do that either. The smell of the air told her everything she needed to know. She was in the colony of Nemex. That was at least 8 hours ride from where she was. They probably gave her the same sedative she had used in the past. One drop and you will sleep for twenty four hours. The best thing about it was that just skin contact could be enough and the person would fall asleep immediately and then forget at least an hour before being dosed with it. People here knew about people with abilities but probably never saw anyone with them. This is a remote place which was exactly the reason she had chosen it to relax for a few days. Well and Rain wanted to see her family. But for Faith there was no such thing as relaxing. This was a perfect time to remind them that their type of trade is not acceptable any longer. Their line of work was one of the worst and she was going to make sure that it never happened again, at least here.


Without any effort the bonds and rag turned into flowers. Something she had recently learned she could do. She could transmute anything that has any connection to the earth, she liked leaving flowers around because it reminded her of people she loved. She got up and passed her hands through her body to make sure everything was in place. She still had the same clothes from the day before and thankfully she kept her things on her dimension pocket. She has been in this place for at least a day and a half. The weather felt almost the same as the day before. She wondered for a moment how she would go about this but nothing came to mind so she decided to wing it. After leaving the room she followed her sense straight to the men. She found them in the kitchen. One was eating what can only be described as a sandwich but really wasn't. It was more about the form than the contents. Let's call him Max because he looked like he came out of a Mad Max game. The other men was opening the fridge. Let's call him Ben because reminded her of Spider-Man's uncle. They both stopped mid movement and just stared with surprise. "How did you get out!" Said Ben. While Max just stared with his mouth still open full of food. 'Oh this is going to be fun' thought Faith. 


She just placed her hands in front of her to make sure they thought she was not a threat to them. She took a step forward and stood across from Max. " Why did you kidnapped me?". She was furious and had to keep herself in check. She didn't want to do something she would regret later. "How did you find out I was there?" Max was the one to answer. " We walk though there every day to forage on the way home. You look like you can do chores and also have a pretty face. People would pay good for someone like you!" And there it was. Confirmation that they were trafficking humans. She still hoped she was wrong. Ben who had just been watching her intently spoke this time. "How did you get out of your restraints, I put those myself and you should have not been able to do that. No one has for that matter!" At that point he was almost screaming and took a step towards her. She thought of all the things he might do and decided to wait and see what he did. Instead of walking towards her, he walked out of the kitchen. Without having to look she knew he was going to look for those bonds. When Ben came back he looked perplexed. " Where did those flowers come from, I have never seen them before and where are the restraints." At this point he had moved and stood right in front of her. 


Faith created a layer of elements around her body in case he tried to grab her. She also mentally reached out to her companion to let her know she might need some assistance. Normally she would just leave but this had to stop. Many people are suffering because of people like this fuckers. Max had let go of his sandwich and was coming around the counter when Ben went to grab her by the shoulders. He was about to say something when he let out a scream. Max ran to him shouting " What's wrong?" Ben just ran to the sink. What he didn't know was that those elements were so thin and small they could enter your pores and with the air she had circulating around her, the elements were pushed into his skin like tiny daggers. She didn't usually like causing pain when she had other options but for them she would make an exception. Since Ben could not answer and just kept washing his hands almost crying, Max ran towards her screaming " What is wrong with him?" 


Faith just smiled, " maybe he finally touched someone he shouldn't have" Max's face turned red but instead of touching her he grabbed the knife he was using for cutting his sandwich ingredients. He went at her with the knife but before it could slip through these types of elements as it would, she made the knife bend. Max almost tripped but was able to catch himself on time. He was about to turn to try and get something but he stopped moving all of the sudden and so did Ben after he turned around. Faith just looked at them and said in a firm but calmer voice " I grow tired of these games. My name is Lady Faith of the Kriatex. Yes! I know I just found out myself. I should have visited here long ago but I have been extremely busy" She turned everything that could be used as a weapon into flowers. " What can I say I was surrounded by flowers yesterday until you two came!" She knew they still had no idea who she was which meant she had to show off a bit to give them the impression she needed for it to last. 


Faith made a chair sprout from the earth. She made leaves to form a comfortable place to sit down. She made half of Max's sandwich appear in her hand. She took a bite and immediately spit it out. She looked at them and had a hard time keeping her anger from lashing out. Instead she decided to continue her chat. "But now that I'm here some things need to change" Both men had nothing moved one inch. They just started at her with bewildered eyes. " I'm going to lose my grip on you but if you try to run, you won't like what happens" she looked at both men which still didn't move. She continued "I mean I don't know how you can do that to others, it is disgusting and immoral. In your world I practice the Grey Arts" That's a poor description of what she is but it will do for this purpose. It had the effect she wanted because Ben looked like he was about to pass out when all of a sudden Max tried to run away. Before Faith could do anything a silver wolf with a red strand on her head leaped from a window. She jumped on Max, making him fall. She got close to her face and started growling. 


He didn't know she would not hurt him. More like she couldn't as it was part of the blood oath she had taken with Faith to be able to travel with her. But it scared him because he started crying. " I see you get to meet Rain. She doesn't like it when people leave before I say what I need to. Having said that, As we speak every cage and restraints you have around the colony have been destroyed. Every document claiming ownership of another being has also been destroyed. All your prisoners have been set free and are now being guided away from here". She had used her abilities to make everything a part of the earth again. She had asked Rain to have some friends guide the people to other villages that did not have the Dark Trade around. They would take care of them and make sure they make it alive. Some of Rain's own wolf family was helping. 


She looked at the man and had a thought. She knew they burned a mark into their slaves. At that moment Max was getting back into his chair. " I'm not going to cause you the same pain you have but I will give you a reminder.  If you continue doing this type of buisness or any that would harm another, your mark will burn like hot iron". She then made the mark of the endless knot and made it burn like they did with their victims. They both screamed. "I will return once in a while to make sure everything is getting better and people are prospering. You are going to make sure of that". Ben had regained most of his color and was now looking starstruck while Max just looked scared. Ben stood up and Rain moved closer to him. instead of attacking or running he just curtsy and said, " I will try my best my Lady and I will make sure that Max also does. I have heard of beings like yourself and I understand that you have shown mercy when none should have been given. But if you pardon my bluntless but you have not accomplished the end of human slavery because their is one worse than us, we were just desperate". 


Faith knew exactly who he was talking about and she did not look forward to that encounter. It was promised to be the most difficult moment in her life. " Worry not. He also will be taken care of. For now do as you are told and know that you are always being watched. I haven't even taken a shower in two days". Before neither can say anything she returned the chair to the earth and to make a stronger impression and she just disappeared with Rain. 

















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