Where Is My Playlist? Let's Go!

Published on 1 July 2023 at 03:19


I miss the feeling of the air on my face when I have the window down while driving at high speed. I miss the smell of gasoline whenever I filled the tank. I miss the feeling of the change of shifts. I miss the feeling of the pedals on my feet. I miss the feeling music gives me while I'm on the road. I miss the smell of fresh vacuumed seats. I even miss the smell of pine and of new. 


I miss being able to step on the has while on riverse I'm a straight line. I miss looking at the angles when I parked. I miss observing other cars patters to know exactly when to pass them. I miss watching a car come at me and me knowing the perfect speed to reach to pass the car in front of me before that car reached me. 


I miss the feeling of freedom. I miss the feeling of direction. I miss the feeling when I reach a steady 80mph in a nice road with a beautiful view. I miss reaching places at my own pace. I miss being able to forget my life when I closed that door. I miss the feeling of peace the sound o f that ignition brought to my soul.


I feel that part of me is missing. I feel empty and incomplete. When I was a toddler my dad would sit me on his lap and let me steer his car around NYC. When I was a pre teen my mom would let me move her car to wash it. I would watch my cousins feet and hands while they drove cars with shifts. I started driving my mom around the first chance I got. When I was a teen a friend helped me fulfill my dream of driving a shift car. I like things with wheels. I have driven a dirt bike, a moped, a scooter puertorrican style, what they call four tracks in PR,for only a mile or two, a digger truck, a school bus, a lot of European cars with the driver's seat on the right side and some weird hybrid cars. 


I love driving, I do so with a passion. I miss driving like one would miss a lover. 

I don't have a lot of things that I feel this strongly about.

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