Jessica who?

Published on 28 June 2023 at 17:57


I haven't slept well for months. I have too many thoughts and ideas just floting around nonstop. While I find my next project I was thinking of all the classes and random stuff I have done on a whim. That got me thinking of the time I got ordained and I started looking for the website and surprise! I couldn't find it. 


Well one thing took me to another and I added a new title. Here are some of the ones I hold (with evidence) besides Human Resources Management and Marketing. 




Well I get bored and my curiosity takes a hold. Then action is required. And well ok you can say I like wearing different hats.

Ordained Minister - I'll marry you guys anywhere.

Teacher class dedication 

History of US, PR And Global


Sex education

Responsible parenthood 

Language Interpreter - I made it official 

Chef. International and local cuisine 

Molecular Gastronomy. Let's play with nitro and food!!