75 Things About Me

Published on 22 June 2023 at 01:32



      -Things about me-


  1. I was born in NY. 
  2. I lived in Puerto Rico most of my life. 
  3. I was adopted when I was 2.5.
  4. I grew up as an only child. 
  5. I have 5 sibilins. 
  6. People here calls me Jess which doesn’t bother me but is not my nickname. 
  7. My nickname is: Jey 
  8. I love video games.
  9. I love comics. 
  10. I used to owe a horse. 
  11. My favorite colors are red and black. 
  12. Some shades of green are my least favored color. 
  13. I eat the same thing for days and then switch to something else. 
  14. I started learning how to cook when I was 5.
  15. Fried chicken wings with white rice and McDonald cheeseburger are my comfort foods. They remind me of my mom. I also love avocados!
  16. My favorite flowers are the sunflower and margaritas. 
  17. My favorite stone of my birthday is the moonstone.
  18. I can’t run a lot because of my weak ankles. 
  19. I used to play the guitar and drums. 
  20. I can’t physically walk too fast. 
  21. I like white gold. 
  22. I used to write perfectly with both hands. 
  23. I’m not materialist but I like the thought behind a gift and the gift. 
  24. My eyes are hazel not brown. 
  25. I’m a fast reader. 
  26. I love reading science fiction books. 
  27. I like articles about tech advancement in every field. After all this years I’m still blown away by the heart in the box. 
  28. I read about archeological finds in land and sea. 
  29. I know a lot about medicine and have made accurate diagnosis many times. Including diabetes, cholesterol, pquisophrennia, a brain tumor and others. 
  30. I have a lot of patience except when it comes to hypocrites and dramatic people. 
  31. I don’t do things I don’t want to do. 
  32. I have never dressed to impress a man. I may suggest styles for him to chose but is because is the styles I’m feeling like wearing at the moment and whatever makes me feel sexy. 
  33. Nothing with me is just black and white. I live in the Grey. 
  34. I sleep walk once in awhile. Nothing dangerous. 
  35. I’m extremely curious. 
  36. I love learning new things. 
  37. I travel every 3-4 years. 
  38. I don’t get angry much but when I do is best to give me space.
  39. I don’t stay angry long. 
  40. I hate arguing. 
  41. I believe that most things have a solution even the ones we don’t want. 
  42. I have worked as a teacher, human resources manager, on a supermarket, on a pharmacy, as a sous chef, as a chef, at hospitals, clothing store, police station, stadium, local chocolate confections store, security agent with a contractor with the federal government, some other stuff I can’t remember. 
  43. I have studies on computer and software repairs, rescue that required rappelling, computer buildups, network builds, international and local cuisine, molecular gastronomy, human resources and marketing. 
  44. I'm an ordained minister in some website I can't recall. Shall I marry you?
  45. I have to save my energy to be able to do stuff. I’m like a Sims! 
  46. I’m sarcastic a lot and people think I’m joking or being silly. 
  47. I went to prom with a girl. 
  48. When I’m extremely sleepy and relaxed I’m brutally honest with zero filter. 
  49. I have drunk the strongest liquors and a lot and I have never been truly drunk, just tipsy. 
  50. My dad gave me my first tabaco, beer and liquor. 
  51. After I reached a certain age, both of my parents spoke about sex like any other subject . 
  52. I have the title of Lady in England.
  53. Most people see things in a lineal way but I see things like a middle point with things coming out and many patterns. 
  54. If someone explain something to me I won’t understand, I need to visualize things. 
  55. I have had PTSD most of my life. 
  56. I treat everyone the same no matter the social status. 
  57. I want to hit people in the face a lot. 
  58. The word impossible have no meaning in my weird life. 
  59. I believe in the Buddhist religion more than Catholicism . 
  60. I don’t belive in God like humans portray him. I think there is a creator entity. 
  61. I think is arrogant to think we are the only living intelligent being in the universe. 
  62. I give people the same type of attention they give me. 
  63. I’m very good at puzzles when my mind is relaxed. 
  64. I see patterns and angles. 
  65. Change doesn’t bother me. 
  66. I like trying new things. 
  67. I learned both languages at the same time. 
  68. My brain is usually in English. 
  69. I have won over 50 competitions. 
  70. I know how to diffuse a volatile situation. 


-My super powers- 


  • Photographic memory
  • I always know when people are lying to me. My mom used me as a lie detector. 
  • I am empathic to the feelings of others and with some people at a distance. 
  • I always know when people die before being told. 
  • I can make recipes without measuring ingredients. 










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