The Sound of the Police 🎶

Published on 24 June 2023 at 22:00


In Puerto Rico 


As a kid I spent some time in police stations with my cousin or at the fire station with my uncle. When I was a teenager I had a summer job on a local police station. Having said that, I had some experience with the police in different aspects. 


Chapter 1: Rebel Teen


I love driving. I consider that I'm an excellent driver and I have been told many times by different people that I am. You can tell I am very proud of that fact. I started driving when I was 12. By 14 I was driving my mom everywhere. By 16 I had my own car (gave my dad my savings for it).


I paid the government over $5000 on fines because of driving at an excess speed. But Mr officer my blood needed the gasoline. Anyhow I was stopped by the police many times because of that. But one time I was stop at the boundaries of the district. The officer was not supposed to stop me there because it was not his zone. I told him much and he got very angry.


As a teen I always knew where I stood with people and I knew my rights and laws. I couldn’t help but laugh in his face which obviously got him more angry. I never was the type of person to throw in others people name unless it was with the cops. I did not have the energy for people that let their authority go to their brain. I told him that he could give me the ticket and I would bet anything that I would not pay for it. He gave me a few tickets that was almost $500 together. Then I told him to ask my uncle XX who was a very known Sargent if I had to pay for it (only time I did that). He let me go and never got the fines filed.


Chapter 2: Follow Me


Many cops stopped me for speeding but just one for running a red light. I was on my way to work late when I was a teacher. I decided to run the light knowing the area always had cops due to the police station being in the area. I immediately heard the siren but I was so close to work that I decided to have him follow me to work. He followed me for a good four minutes. 


The school had a parking for the faculty and one for public. The security guard was the man I was living with for 2 years. He looked at the cop car behind me and back to me. He smiled and told me he would tell the cop to wait for me. That man truly knew me. By the time I had clocked in and returned to the parking the cop was speaking to my boyfriend. When I reached them the cop looked at me and started laughing. He told me he knew who I was because of another friend of mine who worked on that precinct. I did not get fined. 


Chapter 3 : Jail


I’m not going into details because the reasons where petty and stupid. I was arrested once on my late teens. Fine ill give you something. It was alcohol and words. Anyhow I sat there for two hours and got bored. I was also getting hungry and I thought to myself, should I call my dad cause no way I was going to call my mom. If you know anything about puertorrican mom's you would either be in jail or dead. I decided to go a different route.


I spoke with the officer on retention and asked if officer XX was working. When she confirmed that he was, I asked her to tell him the following message, " their is a girl here that says she once had a yellow dog." When he arrived he was laughing and told me I was never going to let go of him running over my dog and killing him. I apologize for bothering him but he cut me off and reminded me that he knew my mom. Plus I didn't do anything illegal. 


Chapter 4: Need for Speed


Once I was speeding in the highways against two other friends. It was day time on a week day. I was over 100 on speed and I noticed the moment the cops saw us and tried to get into the highway through an exit. I’m very good at thinking very fast on stressful moments. I had a cb radio on my car as did my friends. I grabbed the microphone and told the other two that two patrol cars where after us and that we needed to take different routes.


I told them I was going to take the second exit because that road was treacherous and the cops would never think I would go through there and even if they followed, very little people knew that road like I did and I was driving shift which helped a lot. I also took a longer route to be less obvious. I was the first to arrive to our meeting point and one of my friends that got there they told us later that one cop went after me but then arrived where he was with the other cop. Legend says they are still looking for me.. Jk



Chapter 5: I'll Follow You 


When I worked for K-9 (private contracted agents that searched for drugs, weapons and undocumented people on ports, airports and schools also security to those same places) I was called that a huge boat was arriving to the port in half an hour and that the only people in the area where the new ones. I was the only senior that was off. I told them I would be there by the time the boat personnel disembarked. 


I was visiting my mom that lived a bit over an hour away. I left and by the time I reached the second town I realized a cop had saw me  and him stopping me was going to be a huge delay. I had never put the stickers on my car that would ID me as an agent either. Instead of pulling off to the shoulder I just stopped in the road in front of him.


I got out of my car and walk to him. His surprised face was funny. I had my shirt that ID me and as soon as I walked to him I showed him my work ID. I had the officer escort me half way to my job and he let know to other police officers to not stop me. When I got to work the boat had not put down the anchor down. 


Chapter 6: Going to Work


When you walk the places I have things are bound to happen. Twice I was on a place that the cops decided to do a raid where I was. The first time I was a bit far from my car and I was on my job uniform. I hear the guys scream the warning and people started to run. I was at least fifteen feet from my car. I considered my options and instead of running like you should if you were in my situation, I started walking slower.


As soon as I saw the first cop with weapons I was already like eight feet from my car and I started fake yawning. looked like someone that lived there and was going to work and that's exactly what they thought and told me to get in my car and leave. 


Chapter 7: Not My Problem


The second time I was in front of the entrance of a road that had no exit. I was inside my car with two other friends installing a new music system to my car and window tints. All the sudden a swat team truck and two regular SUV pulls over right besides me across the street. Cops with anti bullet vests and long weapons got out immediately. I told my friends to get in and close the doors. I screamed loud enough for the police to hear me, " this situation has nothing to do with me, I'm out". Turned my car on and left. 



In New York 


Chapter 8: Return to the Hospital? 


During the pandemic lock down I was on the train station refilling my metro card when a tall police office walked by me and looked directly to my eyes and told me: "why don't you return to your country" I looked at him confused and told him, " wait do you mean you want me to go to XX hospital were I was born? " (I'm a Manhattan baby). 


Chapter 9: Gaslighted 


One day also on another train station I was walking out when I felt someone touch my side but I didn't immediately react. When I looked back a man threw my wallet and ran toward the train. I was not sure what I had on my wallet so I called the police to make a report. 


They did not want to do it over the phone and instead sent me four officers. Apparently I needed an audience. To make this story short 3 of them tried to convince me that I had dropped it myself. The other officer was just standing there being useless. I told them how disappointing was the police force in New York. I told them I did not need them and if needed to do the report I would do it with their Sargent since seemed more interested in blaming me instead of just doing the report. 



I bow down to younger me for being brave, stupid and smart!!