Being Nuyorican

Published on 13 June 2023 at 20:14

Someone forgot to tell me how this would throw my life into confused moments. 

American Side Puertorrican Side
Enjoys Running Only run in case of emergency or from the police
Enjoys Staying Home Loves Long Drives
Drinks Ginger Beer Drinks Liquor
Shy with Man Very Direct with Man
Travels Internationally Explores Locally
Restaurant for Dinner DInner in a Bar
Plane or Train Trips Road Trips or a Boat
Enjoys a Lake Enjoys a Beach
Eats Steaks Loves Anything from the Earth or Sea
Don't Talk About Sex Have Been Talking About Sex Since I was 12.
Dances Crazy for Exercise Does Yoga
Has Difficulty Dating Dating was Easy
Doesn't Talk too Much & Speaks Slow Talks a Lot and Fast
Walks "Fast" Walks Slow
Doesn't Like Texting Texts a Lot
Can't Wait to Hang Up the Phone Can Talk Over the Phone for Hours
McDonals is comfort food Rice and Beans is comfort food.
Can't Stay Out Late, Work in the Morning Ill take a Nap in my Car During Lunch, Lets go
Let Me See If I Can't Fit You to My Schedule What Schedule? You Crazy

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