Dancing with Fate

Published on 3 June 2023 at 00:47



         I like dancing. I'm not a good dancer. But I have been doing this dance for ages. I want to go left but he insists I go right. I go right and then he pulls me and tries to push me down the middle. I have been doing this dance for so long that I can almost predict his next move. 


        One of his longest performances was when I lost every paper that identified me and I couldn't get one without having the other. We danced for months while he tried to make me fall, like he always does. At the end of that dance I came up with a tricky performance and I was able to finish my dance. 


        He also loves dangerous dances. He has turned me directly in the path of bullets that were not intended for me. He turned me around directly into the path of an upcoming car that made a scar in my leg for years. He loves to twirl me around into things, like a tree while losing my car breaks . I had my ballerina shoes on and each time moved like a feather on the wind. 


        We have been doing this dance for a long time. He tried to take away my dance number by taking away my name. I changed it and became a much better dancer. Now in recent years he tried again and I stood proudly in front of a judge and told him, Hello is me! Who I have always been and left dancing.


        Our dances change styles and moves and we do a lot of improvisation. But the motive behind the dance is always the same. To determine what will be my fate. Dancing with fate has been exciting, scary and exhausting. But I prefer to dance with him than to wither away.













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