Juan Carlos: My Sunlight

Published on 24 May 2023 at 22:17



     Juan Carlos was like a sun. His smile was bright and contagious. He was always a positive person. It didn't matter what was going on in your life he always managed to make you laugh and smile. He always saw the good in the bad. He was filled with the wisdom of an old soul. 


To physically describe him. He was approximately five feet and three inches. He had black hair that came down sometimes just above his neck or his ear. His brown eyes seemed to smile at you. His skin was the color of our indians ancestors which he loved talking about at times. He loved the sea and had a deep community with it. He spent a lot of hours surfing the waves. He was easy to talk to and would diffuse any situation. 


I met him on the tenth grade. He spoke to me first and ask me which school I came from. Then he presented me with his closest friends which became my friends for years to come. We shared all our classes. We helped each other's study and even cheat one or twice in a test.


I will never forget the play we did together. It was about Frankenstein's monster (him) and his bride (me). It was a comedy and I had a black eye from a fight I had the day before and just put black makeup on both eyes. Juan Carlos has the idea of having a hump on his back so the focus was not just on me. During the play his hump kept sliding and he found creative ways to put it back, or others would do it. I started to forget my lines and the ones in charge of the huge posters with the lines where laughing too much to keep track. The thing about him was that he kept us together but also made us laugh so much. 


He was not the class clown that hid his sadness. The thing about suns is that their light can be overshadowed by darkness. Whenever he was sad, worried or anything along those lines it was something that you felt like a cloud following you. Juan Carlos was very transparent with his emotions and the most positive person I have ever met.


I could go on with stories that are filled with laughter, sadness, excitement and many many memories. Our "gang" of mischiefs Juan Carlos, Jorge, Yadisha, Edmannuel, Amarilis, Mounlier, Francisco!  We had such great adventures and shared our lives for many years. 


With him I learned to also be transparent with how I feel and who I am. Even if is hard, specially when I don't want to. I also learned to enjoy the smaller things in life.


He will always hold a special part in my heart and he will never be far from my memory. May he rest in peace and I hope to meet his sun in another life. 

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