Abdiel: My Light in The Darkness

Published on 22 May 2023 at 23:45



Finding a friend is easy. Finding a friend of value isn't. My first friend was a boy. I have always preferred having male friends, they are more reliable and less dramatic. Well most of the time. I learned that value of quality over quantity.


This short story started when I was on the second grade and finished on May of 2002. It started on a classroom that faced a baseball park field. Other kids had called me names I haven't even heard of, they took my pencils, notebooks, and did a lot of other stuff. One day I was on class during recess writing on my notebook and one of the boys came into the classroom. I have been at the school for a few months so I knew his name. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. His face had freckles like mine did. When he smiled you couldn't help but smile with him.

 He came down the row of seats next to where I was and sat down besides me. When I lookes at him, he was not smiling. Instead he was a bit serious. He asked apologized for our classmates being jerks and bullying me every day. He said he wished he could do something to make it stop. Not that it stopped him from trying. He asked if he could sit with me at lunch. 


After that day we would talk about everything. I remember helping him talk to a girl and get his first kiss. We would often play silly games on recess. He would let me look at his notes if I missed anything in class. As we grew we both made many friends but we always made time to talk. We spent smtime outside of school also. On twelfth grade he had a child with my cousin. We always stayed in contact.


We were very close friends until the day that he passed away 1 year after high school graduation. People never really knew how deep our friendship was. That was the first time that I lost somebody very close to me and I remember going to the funeral home and everybody was crying and everybody was sad and everybody looked terrible but not me. I simply couldn't cry not because I didn't care. My heart was broken. That's such a wonderful soul was gone but I already knew that this kind of unexpected thing happened and there's nothing you can do about but never forget. (My mom would drag me to every funeral with her) So of course I pretended to cry because stupid me didn't know what else to do and I didn't want people to think that I didn't care.


I learn from his friendship how to be friends with a boy without any romantic feelings. I was able to learn how to speak comfortably about any subject. He made me smile and laugh. I trusted him until the day he died. I still miss him and often think about him.