First job, Worse Job

Published on 22 May 2023 at 12:04




        At 17 I decided to move from home. Amneris and I considered living together but decided that it was for the best if we didnt. I asked a friend to lend me 300 that I was short. I got a job, enrolled in college and found myself a studio. No one helped me other than my mom that gave me the final push I needed for the job. 

I went to college and did a human resources major with a minor on marketing. Most people don't know this. Strange right? I only went home around 4am in between work and school, picked up my mom and would take her to do her errands. Sometimes she would stay over with me for a few days

I worked at a supermarket for 3 years of hell. The worse boss ever! My job was physical! My back was always in pain. I worked shifts from 2-11pm or 3-11am, depending on my school schedule. My boss would get me the worse assignments. Carry heavy boxes of fruits or vegetables, sacks of pumpkins, I would receive merchandise and would have to stack it on the cooler. I had to climb boxes a LOT! I worked the production line and I also resupplied the floor. At one point he had me making flower arrangements and wrapping gifts..

My boss would come by my work area and critize any little thing. He would critize my height, how I looked sick with my lost weight. He accused me of injecting drugs because of that. Then say it was a joke. I always had a lot of dollar bills and he would "joke" that I would be a stripper at night. He said I would never find a boyfriend because of how I looked. I had a boyfriend for like two years at that time. He would find any reason to harass me.

I was exhausted all the time. I still had to make time to take my mom to do her stuff. My closest friends would come and visit me a lot. I don't even know when I slept during this years. My insomnia was getting worse and I took advantage of it. But I was just tense all the time and starting to get cranky all the time.

One day I was standing in front of the clock that marked the start of my shift. I just couldn't swipe my card and take another day of stupid shit. I quickly went over my expenses and the little I had saved. I had enough money for one other month of rent and my bills. I figured I could do it. I called my mom and told her that I was quiting my job right there and asked that if my savings ran out if she could help me. She said yes. I called a friend of mine that owed me a LOT of favors and asked him to pay me in cash which I usually didn't do. I quit! It was one of the best decisions I made at that age. After that I never had to apply for a job until I moved to N.Y. I was lucky to always had job offers without me looking. Oh yeah I had a job a month after.