On June 14 2021 my best friend Vicky or like I liked calling her... Picky (for no real reason) passed away kind of unexpectedly. In a period of two months, she went from an almost healthy woman to her body giving up. I think I am still in shock and having a hard time accepting it. I thought it would be a good idea to do something that I knew she would like and expect from me.


Losing my best friend has been the worst thing I have gone through in the last 5 years. I was privileged to have known her since 2003 and created an immediate friendship and shortly after best friends. With time and life experiences those bonds just got stronger. We had laughs, adventures, arguments, scary moments and love for each other, everything made our friendship everlasting. I have never met a person like her and I never will, I will miss her until my last breath.  



We had an unexpected friendship with very different lifestyles. But we still kept being friends and as we got older, we changed as individuals and our friendship just got stronger. I will always remember the first day we actually spoke, she came to my apartment and told me she was there to take me to the hospital as a request of a mutual friend of us. I had a bad car accident the day before and refused to go with the EMT and she made sure I did. A few days later I went to her house to thank her and we hang out for a while.


I remember the day that I realize that she truly was my best friend and she knew me better than anyone. It was like any other day; I went with her to pick up our friend Jon from work and while we waited for him, she told me that I needed to be more honest with myself. That I was honest with others but that I sometimes lied to myself to protect my heart but that it was time to confront myself and move on certain things. It was much more into the conversation but that was what mattered the most.  


On November of 2012 I moved in with her because I had planned with my mom to move back to the US 3 months after that. But my mom got sick on January of that next year. She supported me emotionally during that time, she would go to the hospital with me and help me with my mom whenever she had the time, she let me used her car since mine was not working, she got me groceries and made sure I ate. Because I was not working, she wanted me to save the most money I could. Then on April my mom passed away and with-it part of me.


I was so broken at the time. Then I had unnecessary and unfair legal problem that lasted for 3 years. The same year my mom passed away two of my closest aunts also passed away. Needless to say, all that loss completely broke my psyche for a few days. I was still living with her because I was barely functioning before that and during all that period, she was there trying to help me get through it all. I can honestly say with 100% certainty that I would have not been here, at least mentally if it was not for her.  


In the following 2 years many family members also passed away including my father, both grandparents and friends. I had already moved to the US at this time but with the agreement that she would eventually move with me. Things of life got in the way of her moving, some in her life others in mine, but our friendship never wavered. I realized that she was feeling stuck and needed other options because at this point after much debate and consideration she helped me decide to move together with my boyfriend. I suggested that we get a bigger apartment and she still move or that she move to Boston where part of her family is and that we could visit more often and have those road trips we always spoke of having. She told me to exited that she decided to move to Boston with her sister. And that she had already started the arraignments of what she was going to take and job considerations. Soon after this she got sick with a completely unrelated and not life-threatening thing and she just got worse until there was no turning back.  


 My last memories with her in person was in the hospital. I went to visit her the weekend before she passed away. She was so happy to see me and I felt the same way, we are not people that cry but we both did, then we both took a moment to acknowledge the circumstances. A few days later just before I left, I told her that I would see her again in two weeks and that everything would be fine because she was strong and that I loved her. In person her last words to me were that she also loved me and will speak to me as soon as I left the hospital. The last night that she was herself, her mind was not foggy I was speaking to her and we finished watching a movie that we had started to watch in person, she had received the news of needing a transplant for her kidneys in addition to the liver one. Like anyone in her case would be she was scared and nervous. The nurse came and gave her something to sleep. I promised her I would stay in the phone with her until her phone hang up. Even with everything she had going on the last thing she told me was to get some sleep myself and don't go to sleep late.



Always worried about others more than about herself. 




                    I will always love you my sister and carry you in my heart and memories. Life is empty without you...







I will always remember my first real friend. I will always remember his smile.