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Published on 13 July 2021 at 23:18



     This is the story of the life of two kittens. One is mostly grey with her belly, paws and lower part of the face white and her name is Storm.  The other one is mostly white with grey in some places and pointy ears, her name is Zelda.  





     They spend most of the time lounging from one spot to the next around the apartment.  Since yesterday they sudden get a burst of energy and start playing tag which each other running everywhere and climbing on everything. Storm is very curious and like to test the limit of things. Zelda is more takes her time and observe her sister movements to determine what is safe and how to do things. So, when she saw her sister Storm jump on the bed into their new humans, she followed suit.


     Unsuspected humans woke up startled in awe at the kitten's energy and how they seem to finally feel at home. One of the humans took the opportunity to go feed them. Later on, while the same human was trying to fall asleep while feeling pain from being a girl, she felt a cat jump into her legs followed by another one. The first cat was Zelda who immediately proceeded to go close to the human's face and start smelling it and then petting it. Storm just went to the human hands and demanded to be petted. The human did as she was asked with great pain but with love anyway. They then went to the male human and also demanded attention. He also showed them some love.

     The kittens then decided that this human's where ok in their book and that they were going to be their servants forever. The kittens Storm and Zelda decided to play with each other on the female legs and then around the room like those who get granted freedom for the first time. Needless to say, the humans barely got any sleep but decided that it was worth it and that they needed to create a second play area for them and get them more tired earlier. On the other hand, the kittens looked around to their new kingdom and servants. 



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