The Hunt

Published on 15 July 2021 at 19:19

From the perspective of the house hunter Storm.




     I am so bored in this new place. I mean the toys are cool and the humans seem to like us both but I don’t feel satisfied. There is something missing and I can’t put my paw on it. I would ask my sister but her mind is always elsewhere. Sometimes I look at her and can’t help but wonder what goes on inside her mind. Probably nothing since she doesn’t do anything unless I do it first. Thinking back to when this all started it was me that liked the human first when I smelled her and she didn’t try to grab me like everyone before her. But then Paris I mean Zelda; I can’t keep up with these names change, saw me and came running, jumped into the chair and literally got into the human’s face and started smelling her like she knew her. This kinda annoyed me because every time she does that is like a curse and then these humans keep moving us from one place to the next and never the same humans. And what would you know, we moved that day and all way she was not talking to me because she knew I was not talking to her. I considered escaping but I remember those days of living in the streets and I did not enjoy it, so I stayed and decide to lay down on top of her. 



     Anyway... let me ask her... if I can find her. I cannot believe that she got stuck in the closet again! This is like the 3rd time this happens. I love her but geeze how many times is she going to do this before she learns that the door closes or maybe she enjoys it, with her your never know. I spoke to her through the door and asked her if she was also feeling like something is missing and she said she has always felt like this. Now I'm getting worried. I'm going to think about this some more after my nap and try to speak to her some more. She was so tired after what I imagine felt like hours being confined that she fell asleep and I will join her right after my snack.   



      I'm so sleepy... I'm always sleepy tho... my eyes are so heavy but I want to have some water. I didn’t even remember falling asleep here bit it was... wait what was that? I thought I saw something moving but I don’t see anything now. Not in the wall, not in the sofa, not on whatever that is. Anyhow let me go see what... oh wait I thought I felt something on me but there is nothing there. Let me stay still and see what happens. I'm not moving a muscle and I'm trying to control my breathing.  I'm very intent looking around me but trying to make minimum movement. I took a stance with my back paws ready to help me jump higher if needed and my front paws ready to catch whatever it is. I feel the breeze of the air lift my hairs at the same time that I star feeling like a surge of energy throughout my body. I feel so, so I think I heard the human describe an emotion called euphoria and I'm pretty sure that is what I'm feeling. My heart is very accelerated, my whole body is shaking but in a good intense way. I feel my nostrils flaring and my breath getting hot and im in full alert.  



     I see something in the corner of my eyes but it was too fast to really register. I decided to not move and wait and see what it does next. I wonder what is it, I don’t think I have never seen anything like this. I won’t move until it stays still for a bit. I have to make sure to catch it to see what is it, how dare it be here in my home and how can it be in the air like that. Oh! there it is, and is looking at me. Is so tiny but it has huge wings and it can do that in the air that makes it move so fast. It’s just staring at me like tempting me to go get him, I would do that but my instinct tells me to wait longer. 



      I decided to not look at him for a split second but when I look back, he was still staring at me. Without being able to control it my ears got straight as if trying to hear for any sound he would make. And surely there it was... he was speaking but it sounded more like zZsooozZ zzhunnngryzZ like three times. Followed by zznewzZ Zzfoodzz. Did he just say food? Did he do a licking sound or was that another zzz sound? Is he looking at me like I am the food? Oh no I think he eats things that cannot be in the air like him!  What is wrong with this guy, oh no he needs to go! If I move now, he will expect it and move and I can’t let that happen. I will wait and see what he will do next. In a blink of the eye, he moved from the shoe to wall I thought my sister and I were the fastest but how wrong I was. I’m not going to think about it anymore I’m going for it, he will not win.  



      Well that was a total failure. I tried my best and my fastest and was not able to catch him. He just kept moving back and forth from one place to the next. I followed him to the bathroom where he just kept standing in higher places that I could not reach. He went into the kitchen and stood everywhere but I refuse to let him do it for long. I kept following him from the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room and back. 



     He has gone everywhere in the room and kept saying ZzslowZz every time he escaped from me. He is just taunting me.  Zzslowerzz    zzthanzz   Zzyourzz   zZsisterzZZ... I didn’t even think about it this time, I just launched myself to him with my best speed, I felt my whiskers over my eyes and I have no idea how that happened but I did not let it stop me, the path was clear the target was set and distracted and I was going for him. I fell just on top of him victory is mine and only mine. I feel so proud of myself, I finally have him between my paws and I will show him that he cannot try to eat others, I’m not sure how I'm going to do that but I will. He should be groggy enough for me to find out why would he want to eat me and my sister. No one has ever tried to eat us before not even the humans. “Hey! Who are you and why are you trying to eat us!?”. He moved closer and I got curios and sat with my ears straight, listening to whatever this creepy was going to say.  



       ZzYouzz   zAssumedzz   zzIzz   Zwantedzz   


ZztozZ   zeatZz   zZyouzz   zZbecausezZ   zZyouzz 


zZdidzz   Zznotz   ZzhavezZ zzthezz   zZpatiencezZ 


 zZtozZ   zzlistenzz   zzwhatz   zIz   Zzwaszz   


zZsayingzz.   zzJustZz  Zzzbecausezz   zIz 


zzspeakzz  zzdiferentZz   ZzandzZ   zzIzz   zZamzz   


zZzdifferentzzz  zzfromZzz   zZzyouzzZ.   zZzIZzZ   


zzjustzz   zzzZwantedzzZ   zZztheZzz   zzoldzz 


zbananazz   zzbehindZz   zzyouZz.  



And just like that he was gone.  


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