Yup, all about me!

Working on something else from Oct/23- Feb/24


I created this website by the insistence of my best friend. She always said my dreams would make great stories. She had my hard drive with most of my stories before 2020 and I never asked for them after she passed away. Anyhow to honor her and for self-reflection I will write some down.


I was going to write a huge, big story but changed my mind. I'm just going to write things I have had to delt with and moments that have defined who I am now. Also, random memories about random things. Some I wrote like stories, some as abstract expressionism. 


P.S. I like who I am. I love the person that I have become. I am grateful to have loved deeply and be loved back in return. I have experienced family love; friends love and lovers love. If I die today, I would be content. I have no regrets. Nothing has been left unsaid.



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